Prevention is always more effective than treating disease. We offer education on age and gender appropriate lifestyle changes, vaccinations, screening tests and other measures which can help to prevent gynaecological diseases such as cervical cancer. We are here to ensure our women maintain a healthy life through out the ages of life.

We can do all these for individuals in the comfort of your homes, corporate organisations at their places of work, churches/religious groups at places of worship, NGOs at your location of convenience and other social groups . Contact us and we will talk to you and your group about your specific gynaecological/obstetrics questions and concerns you may have. We mostly offer

  • Education on cervical cancer
  • Pap Smears at your place of convenience
  • Education/screening on other gynaecological cancers
  • Education on fertility issues
  • Education on pregnancy and related problems
  • Education on family planning/contraception
  • Education on uterine fibroids, ovarian mass, etc
  • Education on menstrual problems
  • Education on menopause
  • Education on any gynaecological problems of interest
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening