The postpartum period begins upon delivery of the infant to six weeks after delivery when the effects of pregnancy on many systems return to the prepregnancy state. We will help you with this transition by making sure that you’ve healed from the pregnancy and delivery,  achieve proper spacing between deliveries with birth control, if desired, and address any emotional concerns to optimize the care of you and your newborn.

We will plan a postnatal care based on your needs to cover

  • rooming in
  • breastfeeding and other modes of infant feeding
  • maternal monitoring
  • pain management
  • perineal care
  • Surgical wound care
  • Management of pre existing medical conditions
  • prophylaxis against thromboembolism and Rhesus alloimmunization
  • vaccinations to prevent mother to child transmission of Hepatitis B
  • Contraceptive desires of the couple


  • Access to specialist obstetrician 24/7 on your dail
  • Free birth preparation classes
  • Provide you with pregnancy pillows, delivery packs, C-section packs, anti-embolism stockings all at subsidized prices
  • Epidural services for labour analgesia
  • Provision of a photo/video album of ultrasound scans of baby